Jin S. Xue Insurance & Investment

Servicing Canadians Since 1991

Jinsheng Xue Insurance and Investment Broker

Areas of expertise
  • Investment Plan
  • Insurance
  • M. Ed. 教育硕士

History of  Xue’s Financial Management: 

Since 1991, Xue’s  Financial Management has been known for its excellent service, reliability, and stability of business. The steady increase in customers over the past 32 years is a testament to the management skills, professionalism, and integrity of the firm. 

Wealth management services:
Meeting the needs of our clients is the aim of Xue’s Wealth Management. We fully understand everyone has his/her own financial needs, affordability and targets. Therefore, we will select and develop the best possible financial plan for your specific needs.

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(613) 851-4073
102-399 Bayrose Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K2J 5W3

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