Jin S. Xue Insurance & Investment

Servicing Canadians Since 1991

History of Jin S. Xue Financial Management:

Since 1991, Jin S. Xue Financial Management has been known for its quality service, reliability and business stability. The steady growth in the number of clients over the past 32 years is a testament to the firm’s management capabilities, professionalism and integrity.


Wealth Management Services:

Satisfying the needs of our clients is what Jin S. Xue Wealth Management is all about. We fully understand that everyone has their own financial needs, affordability and goals. Therefore, we will select and develop the best financial plan for you based on your specific needs.

We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate professionals with the relevant experience to match.

More Than 30 Years of Experience




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Our team

  • Fei Wang

    Insurance and Investment Broker

    She is an accomplished business developer. Her skills at creating relationships with clients are...

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  • Jin S. Xue

    Insurance and Investment Broker

    The founder of Consulting WP, he has been the captain of this ship from the beginning and has sailed...

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